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Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (20 to 25.04.2013): Converted into Sponsor of International Terrorism Under the Macabre U.S.


Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (20 to 25.04.2013): Converted into Sponsor of International Terrorism Under the Macabre U.S.

Converted into Sponsor of International Terrorism Under the Macabre U.S. Interest

* Libya is “central warehouse” group of Al Qaeda: The terrorist attack against French colonialist invader embassy in Libya is just “a prelude to another series of attacks,” says political analyst Conchetta Dellavernia.

A car bomb exploded Tuesday morning in front of the gala embassy building in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Two security guards were injured, one seriously. According Dellavernia, radical groups have warned that France thus should be left “to stick their noses where they do not belong”. “Libya now is a swamp in which extremist groups are trying to take full control,” said the analyst.

He insisted, moreover, that the attempt of NATO to “implant” in Libya a democracy that could control failed. “Think you will have control over the situation, but it will have.’s Government is a puppet, it means nothing,” he said and stressed that in reality what they did was change the Western powers to Gaddafi “by leaders Al Qaeda “.

“What they have done in Libya has been mislead and lie and deceive the population of the whole planet, because there is no democracy could lead to the gentlemen that they have been, as it will happen in Syria,” says Dellavernia . “Libya now is the central store of Al Qaeda groups,” according to the analyst insists. Emphasizes that thanks to weapons that entered circulation in a practically free after the death of Muammar Gaddafi, today terrorists are funded and arming. As one example puts Mali where the weapons from Libya destabilized the situation completely.

* “The Algerian secret services” puppet have supplied the Libyan government in the name of one of the accused of the attack on the French Embassy in Tripoli.

* Arrives information they murder Omar Faisal, a battalion of mercenaries fired shots at their vehicle when it is not identified in front of the camp and died on the way to hospital.

* Body of a girl tortured and raped by mercenaries by the facto government of NATO in Libya was found about 20 km from the port of Zarzis with signs of torture and burns and the effects of a bullet in the head.

* The British and German embassy in Tripoli temporarily suspended operations after the attack on the French Embassy: In addition, Western diplomatic sources in Tripoli, the British Embassy has suspended the activities of the embassy temporarily, did not begin its work after granting more embassy staff left open, which can last for several days before resuming their work. The Ambassador adding that there are fears of a car bomb attacks, which has become a state of fear and anxiety in most diplomatic missions operating in Libya, including British and German Embassy.

* 3 women killed, 2 seriously injured from different countries, France, Italy, Libya and Germany, making up a command spy who sought to infiltrate the Resistance were killed in a car accident.

* An official of the civil registry, Kerkom Yusuf, was abducted by gunmen after leaving a radio station where he was interviewed, for now his whereabouts are unknown.

* Air traffic at the airport in Tripoli interrupted due to lack of visibility and bad weather.

* The traitor who serves as Libya’s defense minister publicly acknowledged the existence of foreign elements in and out of the Libyan nation, these are mercenaries brought to the training camps that the British and Americans have in Libyan territory and is not controlled bythe Current government. Prepared sending mercenaries tofight in Syria and others to reassure international companies steal Libyan wealth.

* We report that an airplane the pilot had a seizure while trying to land in the airport of Tripoli from Benghazi some of the passengers were injured and others severely injured.

* West of Tripoli Three dead and wounded in clashes between militias and Alzeramqh Sabratha where the murder of a young family Moneim Shtiwi and normal injuries that led to cutting the fingers of their hands.

* Zintan Militia attacked the building of the Interior Ministry called on Tripoli and attacked the guards and some of them taken to hospital due to injuries in their ranks. This operation came in the context of the allegations of the Interior and its implication in the killing of Anas Mliqth while being transferred from prison.

* 2 billion to Egypt is not a decision of the puppet government of Libya, but was imposed by the colonial invader NATO / USA

* A terrible news today a young man who was burned because he wanted a visa to travel and get treatment in Germany, after being expelled from Greece, the Office of Tourism and Trade denied the pass then resorted to Maqrif for help, but there was no response from the puppet government and is now his in intensive care.

* Libyans trample the dirty rag representing puppet government vandals

* Qatar citizenship delivering the cowardly and treacherous former Foreign Minister Musa Kusa

* Mohammed Gheriani recovery section enters hospital after being beaten by Mohamed Maqrif Brigades chief General National Congress during its coverage of the children of the South reconciliation conference held in Tripoli.

- Sabha. Attorney General confirmed that more than 60 people managed to escape the prison of Sabha. This is the fourth time the prison inmates manage to escape Sabha

- Benghazi: Hundreds of people linked to the education sector massively demonstrated in Benghazi to demand the expulsion of the Minister of Education, they called retrograde Islamist and accused him of promoting Shia sect in the new curriculum, contrary to the history of Libya.

* The international terrorist “philosopher” Bernard-Henri Levy in his article in the magazine Le Point makes harsh statement against the puppet President of the Libyan Transitional Council Mustafa Abdul Jalil, by the adoption of Islamic Sharia Law in Libya legislation . In a nest of contradictions questions that NATO endorses the law

- Bani Walid: there has been a fire in a shopping complex Alkaaimi, of unknown origin are victims not

- Sorman: Office of the fight against crime in the city of Surman exposed to armed attack

Libyan oil against human rights

- The danger Taliban in Libya and the international media disinformation

- Shootings and clashes on the streets of Libya

- Egyptian Protesters burn monarchist flag of the rebels Libyans Salafists

- And in solidarity with the Libyan and Syrian in Tunisia

A large gathering of displaced Libyans in Tunisia and Arab brothers do PAUSE solidarity with Libya and Syria and against calls Arab Spring revolutions, which not only bring destruction and devastation to these countries

* Tunisia border clashes have occurred between criminal and civil Libyan Tunisian. And witnesses said Libyan militias entered Tunisian territory to steal nearly 10 km, with the pretext of pursuing traffickers

- Tawergha: A new crime against young people of Tawergha in Tripoli Medical Center: 20 young people from Tawergha bodies killed in Misurata, under torture, this Tripoli Medical Center, rejected the reception of the people because the medical report of the autopsy, by lies and deceit, where the Lord of the report that some of the bodies were the causes of death injury pressure and sugar, While death was under torture, and the news the escape of one of the doctors, because of the pressure on him for the previous version of the report, please, everyone, move before the bodies are buried. And in order not to hide the evidence.

- Gharyan: Power plant was bombed by beasts mercenary in the city of Gharyan, on Saturday, was attacked by unknown Bakazv RPG took off the station. The sources said that the plant was attacked Bakazv RPG took off temporarily.

Libyan mercenaries cruelly tortured by NATO and the U.S.

- Misurata : unconfirmed news about the death of two truckers city of Misurata and the third wounded and was in serious condition at the hospital reported that the incident occurred in the area of the tribe Warfalla. The news that young people are working on big cars serving mercenaries from Misurata

- Turkey – Libya: Disobeying his criminal government, agents of the Turkish Customs Police discovered and seized thousands of illegal weapons in Libyan vessel was in Istanbul, according to the source, police found a thousand assault rifles, hundreds of guns and large quantities of ammunition on the ship “The Intizar”, anchored in the port of Tuzla, east of Istanbul, from April 4.

The ship, which had declared unloaded, came from Malta and would continue to Libya after a “technical stop” at the industrial port of Istanbul.

But the police were able to verify that the weapons had been delivered to the ship just in Turkey, all weapons were stamped Turkish, so it has been determined that the army material smuggled via Syria to Libya

The finding reminds pistols container from Turkey, designed to Yemen and discovered in Dubai in 2011, even then it seemed to be more of parts for gifts or cargo rendering it useful in an armed conflict.

The heroic and martyr city of Sirte, golpada by NATO bombs and US




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